Africa’s Vision and Mission for America

Dear Church,

Christians throughout Africa have been praying for America . They know Christ, and His power, because of the faithful sacrifice of many missionaries over generations – mostly from Europe and America. Now, the tables appear to be turning – to the praise of God’s name!  As the world watches America falling into moral, social, and even economic chaos; the Church – particularly in Africa – is crying out to God for us. This is a work of God that is unfolding in our day.

This morning the following article from CBN caught my eye: “Capturing America’s Heart: A Third Great Awakening” that cites a South African pastor called to America to help bring an awakening. Here is the link to that article: .  I never realized that the Second Great Awakening was one of the things that lead to the Civil War – as Christians could no longer tolerate the great evil of slavery. Think about that in the context of a Third Great Awakening!

Last week my wife and I had the privilege of joining the One Cry ( conference in Chicago. There were several testimonies of God’s work bringing unity and transformation across racial and denominational lines throughout the US: Reno, Cincinnati, Chicago, Ashville (NC), Midland (TX), South Bend, Muskegon, West Palm Beach, Bartow County (GA), Little Rock, and 22 college campuses.  In addition to this, we learned about the spiritual transformation that has been taking place throughout the nation of Uganda. This work of God that began among the Ugandans, then moved to Taiwan, and is now being focused on America. Why? Desperation! It was out of this desperation, that prayer began – but not by one church or denomination – but through a united prayer across many denominations. God showed the Ugandan’s that a spiritual transformation and revival has to come through a united body of Christ – bound by prayer.  

Several of you remember Bramuel Musya, a Kenyan missionary and evangelist, who has come to Grand Rapids a number of times – including preaching at Brown-Hutcherson Ministries last year. Bramuel is developing Oral Bible Schools in East Africa, starting in Kenya. Bramuel also has a burden for America. His ministry team prays regularly for America – and specifically One Church One City. Two years ago, a few of us (Baptist) were worshiping at Bramuel’s Church (Pentecostal) in Nairobi. The pastor was teaching on Acts 16 – no small coincidence – where Paul has a dream of a Macedonian man asking Paul to come help them. This lead to Christianity spreading to Europe. Bramuel and I had the same thought – the call of the African church to America. 

God is calling His people to pray. And out of prayer, He begins the work of transformation – reviving the church and then awakening he spiritually dead. Then what does He do? Apparently, he tears down the invisible walls that separate His Bride – worldwide: across race, class, and denomination. As Christians, we are being driven to repentance – replacing our pride with humility. Could it be that the stirring of God that has lead to One Church One City, is also working in every city in our nation? If this is true from Reno, Nevada – known for its moral depravity and even legal Brothels; to Grand Rapids, known by many as Little Jerusalem – but perhaps plagued with spiritual arrogance and pride – then it might also be true for all in between. 

Prayer is very hard work – but it is vital to breaking down the walls that divide the body of Christ. It is clear that a divided body of Christ is weak and ineffective in transforming culture in this day of evil. There is great hope and encouragement, however, from God through these pastors and leaders in South Africa, Uganda and Kenya – as well as many in the above places throughout America. This all began, and will continue, as Christians commit to a life of prayer – individually and together as families, congregations, groups of congregations, and cities. 

I watch and marvel as – on the one had I see at my own church, our pastors and prayer leaders are raising the focus of prayer – and on the other hand, seeing the same thing happening in many different cities and nations. Are you experiencing much the same?

Your brother,