Heathen Unity

Dear Church,

Apparently Charles Spurgeon was also struck by a question like, “does it concern you that the body of Christ is divided in our city?” Read what he wrote for the March 2nd morning devotion nearly 150 years ago:

“Mark the heathen devotees, what tortures they endure in the service of their idols! Are they alone to exhibit patience and self-sacrifice? Observe the prince of darkness, how persevering in his endeavors, how unabashed in his attempts, how daring in his plans, how thoughtful in his plots, how energetic in all! The devils are united as one man in their infamous rebellion, while we believers in Jesus are divided in our service of God, and scarcely ever work with unanimity. O that from Satan’s infernal industry we may learn to go about like good Samaritans, seeking whom we may bless!”

Surely, Satan’s role is to bring disunity and discord to the Church. And in every country, this is evident. A Kenyan missionary and friend to Grand Rapids, Bramuel Musya, recently requested prayer for the church in his country – which is being divided along class distinctions. The secular press is quick to pick up on church hypocrisy. Bramuel is praying for a ONE CHURCH movement for Kenya, so please consider joining him in this. In South Sudan, church leaders are seeking reconciliation between the Dinka and Neur tribes. Please pray for the church in South Sudan.

Admittedly, Spurgeon’s thoughts could be very discouraging, as we consider the American Church today. But, then, when we consider how the Lord is blessing many here in West Michigan, there are many things to be encouraged about. The 2nd annual CCDA conference to be held next week; the weekly Brother to Brother gatherings at Lifequest; the Sista to Sista gathering this week; Hope Reformed, Alger Park and Oak Park churches – collaboration across denominations; the UNITE movement among young people in GR; Jesus Loves Kalamazoo youth evangelism movement; and The Order of the Trowel (OOTT) gathering of pastors in GR; and the urban, Brown-Hutcherson Ministries and suburban, Blythefield Hills Baptist congregations that are pursuing relationships and joint ministries in a variety of ways.

Last Fall, Dr. Tony Evans encouraged the Church in West Michigan to come together – annually – in a meaningful way – as a collective voice to the region. Please consider praying for this – what might that look like. Pray too, for this movement of God to grow – that His Kingdom would continue to advance in these days of evil.

For His Glory,